[IGN-6751]Unable to import scripting function on module with non-system namespace


I am building a module and attempting to expose a scripting function to the ignition python environment. This works fine when I embed within system namespace but as soon as I move to my own namespace I understand from the documentation that I must import this namespace. Unfortunately the import fails.

Definition within module java:

Then when I attempt to import the namespace / module it fails:

This works just fine if I change 'ignition_module' to 'system' and skip the import.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


I tried once and never got it to work. /:

Aw, that's a bit lame. Everything works correctly, it's just that there's a whitelist of things we automatically import, it looks like.

We should probably fix that; if importing a module breaks anything, you can just remove the module.

Are you sure? When I played with it, the non-system module-provided elements simply would not import. (It has been while.) I agree that only select names should auto-import. That doesn't need fixing.

No, you're right. I saw the hints working, and stepping through execution it appears to be doing the right things, but clearly isn't. I have both issues in a ticket.