[IGN-6802] Expand Perspective prop on text single click

Small quality of life feature idea here (This feels like an @nminchin post)

To toggle the expansion of any perspective properties it requires clicking the small little arrow to the left of the key, however it would be great if you could just toggle it as well by clicking on the key.

I think there is a slight potential for a conflict here between "click to toggle" and "double click to rename". However if I had to guess I would say there is much more expanding/collapsing happen than there is renaming. So it would likely be a slight inconvenience to watch your prop open and close quickly on a double click.

The arrays don't even do any thing on click or double click

Here is the ideas post: Click to expand perspective prop | Voters | Inductive Automation

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This would be nice, but what I would really like to see, is an addition to the context menu for props, to expand all.


2nd hijack (sorry :sweat_smile:)
I'd like view template props.params not to be auto-collapsed if there are more than 10 props inside. This should always be expanded

As for the OP, I think using the expandy icons are OK tbh :roll_eyes:

I think they stay, but also add it to the text. Mild inconvenience here, but when you are navigating in and out of a ton of deeply-nested props it can be annoying.

Anyone got a model from other software of a JSON editor they particularly like?

It's a hard problem, in my opinion; I'm curious how others do it. Most text editors seem to give you folding (usually with an icon in the gutter), and that's about it.

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To be fair.... I don't actually have a better example, other than aspects of VSCode.

Obviously stripping it all the way back to the Monaco editor would be nice for some, and too difficult for others. It would remove a lot of functionality, but also make it easier (in some cases) to do more mass-advanced changes.

I don't know of another tool off-the-cuff that requires so much navigating in and out of JSON contents compared to Ignition? In other tools when you're doing it you can ctrl+f your way around, because it's more like a text file than a visible object.

Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, I think the way Perspective does it is actually great, and just has some minor tweaks that could be made to optimize the interaction. Unless you added chad mode for properties I don't really know how a deeper change would help.

At least in VSCode I can say that if you collapse something, and then you click on the ellipses that indicates it being collapsed, it will expand the same way the gutter arrow does. Not that that is much better than clicking an arrow off to the side either...


From a quick prototype, this actually does feel a lot nicer. I filed a ticket.