[IGN-6871] Map regression from version 8.1.20

Hi all!
I'm using a Map component with a custom control view; in this view there is only a dropdown menu.
It works correctly (the dropdown opens on a click) in 8.1.19 version but from 8.1.20 to 8.1.22 the dropdown doesn't open, I need to click on it, then press backspace button, so it opens and I can select an option.
Is there any solution to have the correct behavior? or is a regression and I have to wait a new Ignition version?

We made changes to the Dropdown recently, but nothing that should cause this. Could you provide insight into any settings you have applied to the Dropdown which aren't the default settings? I'm specifically looking for info regarding bindings, change scripts, and Events/Actions.

test_2022-11-25_1704.zip (281.5 KB)
I've replicated the issue in a test view with default map component and default dropdown; without scripts and bindings.
Ignition Version: 8.1.21 (b2022092908)

There's definitely something wrong going on. I'll open a ticket to investigate further. Any fix would likely be 8.1.24 at the earliest at this point.