[IGN-6957]NamedQuery Bug in 8.1.23


im facing a problem with NamedQueries in Ignition 8.1.23

Same query works with 8.1.22 and 8.1.17 and same DB as a NamedQuery.
Same query works on 8.1.23 in DBQueryBrowser and also in Scripting, seems problem in


Show your named query authoring tab.

sorry :slight_smile:

I think the "--" is recognized as a comment

I suggest reporting this to support. Likely a real bug related to recent attempts to make the NQ parser ignore parameters embedded in comments. Supporting that in general to accommodate the few JDBC drivers that allow them seems counter-productive to me. :man_shrugging:

Yikes. Yeah, this is just an oversight. We'll get this fixed pretty quickly, I imagine.

Any updates to this issue? We are running into the same bug.

i recently updated my gateway to current version and it works.
Im not sure when but i read it also in one of the release notes.

If you are broken on the current version, you must have deployed on one of the versions were IA attempted to handle comments. Delete all SQL comments from your NQs and try again. (SQL comments are part of SQL scripts, which are not supported by vanilla JDBC, and only work at all in certain JDBC drivers.)

sorry... i meant it works!

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