[IGN-6978] Datetime input component not respecting format property in 8.1.23

Has anyone encountered an issue with the datetime input component in 8.1.23? Our users raised an issue where the seconds field was no longer present, and sure enough the field is missing on all projects running on 8.1.23. The format string for this object follows the moment.js documentation, but adding any token for seconds into the string does not bring up the seconds field in the component. Interestingly, the formattedValue property does respect the format string, showing seconds, meridiem, zone, etc. This seems to only impact the datetime input object, while the datetime picker object works just fine. See below screenshot comparing each, both with the same format string.

Anyone have ideas or workarounds? Unfortunately I need the condensed size of the datetime input object in my projects, otherwise I would replace it with the picker.


This unintended behavior is likely the result of some changes we made to the DateTime components as part of 8.1.22. I've opened an internal ticket to get this fixed and back to the pre-existing behavior. Unfortunately, I don't see any workaround for now.

This was supposedly merged into the nightly content this last week. You can check the nightly content to verify the behavior is what you expect, or wait for the 8.1.25 release.