[IGN-7332]8.1.25 Regression: DateTimePicker doesn't accept year change

Today I find the DateTimePicker component in 8.1.25 doesn't accept the user date change in its props.value when the newly selected date only updated years and days.(same month)

As in the following video show, I try to change the year to 2024 April and a different day but the component doesn't accept it
Note: It seems some times if the user also changes the month as well it accepts the changes.


Maybe it's too quick and I missed something, but it looks like it's working to me?

Oh right, I was just looking at the value and the date you select, not at the calendar display on the left. I see it now, the left calendar day disappears. Would have been good to move your pointer over to the left side and circle what is missing

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