[IGN-7345] Allow right clicking of Event Configurations with "Convert to Script Event" option


The number of times I start out with a non-script action and then later need to convert it to a script action due to more sophisticated requirements is a lot. It's also easier creating things in a GUI, especially for things like opening popups which have a large number of parameters.

What would be REALLY nice, would be to have a right click option to convert the event into a Script action instead, which passes in all of the existing config. This would match the functionality currently in Vision.



This is one thing that we lost going from Vision to Perspective.

In Vision, any time the "base" action required of the script was navigation, or changing a tag or property, I would start with the GUI and then move over to the script that had been auto generated. Now, everything has to be typed by hand.

Would love to see something like this implemented.

That's a fun idea. I don't know how practical, but it'd be a nice to have. I filed a ticket so the Perspective folks can decide if they want to move forward with it.