[IGN-7372] web dev mount folder showing designers file system

When I mount a folder in the web dev module the browse window is showing my file system and not the gateway. Is this a bug or something I'm missing?



Huh… is it like this in 7.9 too?

I was actually unaware 7.9 had the web dev module.

EDIT yes, it’s like this in 7.9.

Looks like an issue in 7.9 as well… not so much a bug as it is a really strange oversight.

It’s fine if you’re designing on the gateway machine, but whoever added this may not have thought it all the way through…

Yeah, that makes sense. No sweat off my back, i just wanted to share. If i need to mount a gateway folder I will do so via designer on the gateway.

Any update on this?
Specially when you want to do this in raspberry pi. as on this device there is no deainger