[IGN-7495] Perspective context menu feature with 'type' set as 'link' and target set as 'tab' always targets the same 'new' tab

I have observed that when using any Perspective context menu menu-item with 'type' set as 'link' and target set as 'tab' (not 'self'), the first time using that feature the specified URL will open in a new tab (expected). However any subsequent use of that feature will open the URL in the same "new" tab that was created the first time the feature was used (not expected).

This feature will never create more than one tab additional to the originating tab. In fact if the URL targets another page of the same project (e.g. '/testpage'), then further use of that feature in the new tab will just open subsequent pages in the current tab (as though 'self' was selected instead of 'tab').

I would surmise that expected/intended behavior would be to open a different 'new' tab each time the feature is used and not target the same 'new' tab for each subsequent use.

Ignition v8.1.26 Perspective Context Menu
Tested with context menu enabled on a Perspective button component.
Issue is repeatable in Chrome and Edge browsers.



I've opened an internal ticket to get this fixed. Thank you for the clear report!