[IGN-7702]ReportViewer source path from different project

Is it possible for the ReportViewer in Perspective to run reports that are located in a different project? Is this even an option?

source: [ProjectName]ReportFolder/ReportName

I tried this format, but no dice. Any ideas?

No, this isn't currently possible; the project name passed in is always the project name of the executing session. There's enough flexibility that we could add it as an additional parameter pretty easily, though. Might make a good ideas post. I'm kinda surprised you're the first person to ask for this.

Thanks Paul, we have gotten to a point where having reports on the same project as other visualizations (perspective or vision) is causing headaches. Having it on a separate project allows for testing/saving multiple times without causing disruptions to the front-end visuals.

Perhaps as a temporary solution, I'll see if I can't embed the perspective view from the reporting project into the main project via an inline frame somehow.

Bumping this to see if Santa will deliver a Christmas miracle.

Is there a way of knowing if/when this would be implemented? I searched the release notes for all the latest releases and I searched the ideas.inductiveautomation.com site. Do I need to submit this as an idea or does the [IGN-7702] in the title mean it is in the queue already?

Thanks...patiently waiting...

We try to update the forum posts as tickets are completed, but we're not always successful. Due to this, the release notes are probably the best place to watch. While we do have an internal ticket for this, it has not been picked up and is a low priority. It's also actually "blocked" due to security implications of exposing Reports to other projects. It is unlikely to be started anytime soon.

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Ok, thanks. I'll work on alternative methods in the meantime.