[IGN-8172]Custom Tag Property incorrect name in tag browser

I just noticed that when custom tag properties are displayed in the tag browser tree under an atomic tag, if the property name starts with a lower case letter, it will be displayed as upper case. And, if you "Copy Path", it will be copied with that leading character changed to upper case.

In the tag editing dialog, the properties display and retain their original leading lower case. Noticed this on v8.1.28. Has anyone seen this, or know if it is fixed in a later version? If not, I will investigate with a nightly and report.

Not new behavior, and it's the same in latest 8.1. Looks like it's unintentional fallout from stronger typing on custom parameters, which was added a while back. From some quick looking, it looks like you shouldn't be able to have two params with the same (case-insensitive) name anyways, and referencing should work with lower or uppercase.

I agree that it's not "correct", though.

Ok. Annoying, but harmless.

It'd be nice to fix, but not a crisis.

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//This is just a little quirk- try not to capitalize custom props. Otherwise, capitals look better.
.name(prop.getType() == Object.class ? prop.getName() : StringUtils.capitalize(prop.getName()))

Evidently, we'll have to refine that :slight_smile:

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Somebody inadvertently documented their fail. (Do y'all use git blame? You could tease them... :laughing: )

I don't mind the "Look"--lot's of places in Ignition show capitalized property names. It's the "Copy Path" behavior that isn't right.

I'm pretty sure the code was working as intended when it was written, but custom properties are no longer just Object.class; they now have (somewhat) accurate type info, so the check is now failing. The wonders of a sufficiently complex system :slight_smile:

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