[IGN-8213]Report Schedule failure


I have a report that is scheduled to save it to a network drive and email to members of a recipient role. The save file action failed because the network drive could not be mapped, and the log files back that up.
After the Save File action there is an Email Action and during the time the Save File action failed, the emails were not sent. We know that the connection to the mail server was ok because the alarm notifications were going through.

My assumption is that the email action did not trigger because the save file action failed. Can anyone confirm that? If that is the case and I create a separate schedule for each action would my issue be resolved?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Do you have the log/stacktrace from the error that happened when the save file action didn't complete?

It seems plausible (but unintentional), from a quick inspection of the code, that one action failing in certain particular ways could cause others to fail. A stacktrace would help confirm my suspicions.

Here is a snapshot of the log errors. Does this help?

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Yeah, that answers the question I had. I'll file a ticket, thanks!

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This is fixed in 8.1.40:

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Thanks for the update Paul!