[IGN-8235]Can't delete gateway message handler

I created a gateway message handler and realized I needed it on a different gateway. As a result I did not put any lines into the script. I saved it quick and went back to delete it and now I don't have the option to change or delete it via a project on the gateway. I can edit the name and add a new one but the one I want to delete, the option to delete the script. It comes up with a compile error because the script is blank which makes sense but I still have no way to delete it. I am logged in as an administrator so I should have rights to delete, edit, etc. I tried enabling and disabling but no luck with either.

Any ideas?

Do you have any other gateway event handlers? If not, just delete the resource from the filesystem and wait five minutes.

If you do have others, you might want to get support involved.


This is a bug, and unfortunately the workaround will also end up deleting all the other gateway event scripts you have.

So it would mean deleting a folder within the specific Ignition project residing on the computer running the gateway. There is one other gateway script but I could recreate if needed. Is there any specific instructions on the workaround like the actual folder, etc.?

Delete the entire folder at $ignitionHome/data/projects/$yourProjectName/ignition/event-scripts.
If you're on a new enough version, you can then run system.project.scan() on the gateway or wait the ~5 minutes for the next project scan to pick up these changes. In an already running designer, you'll have to update the project to bring the changes in:


Worked perfect, thanks

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What version of Ignition are you using?

version 8.1.21

Ah, good. This was already fixed in 8.1.23 :slight_smile:

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Ok, good to know! Thanks again for the help

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