[IGN-8918] UDT V8.1.35 Parameters warning special char

Good morning everyone,
I installed the new version 8.1.35 from 8.1.31 and I noticed that the UDT parameters now have a warning on the "_" underscore character. This character is normally used and is not considered a special character in variables (scripts, template parameters, etc.)
I saw that the project runs regularly, but I don't know where it could and if it could cause binding problems (so the warning message says).

Is it a bug or is it intentional? I don't want to have to change all the UDTs of all existing projects.. :open_mouth:

Thank you

Yeah, looks like an over-zealous new warning.

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We agree - We're going to update this warning to not appear for commonly used/known good characters like underscore. In the meantime, know that your existing tag bindings that work will continue to work as is.


Great, thanks :+1:

we have the same warning but it does NOT work fine! the parameter is used for a simple binding in a popup and I noticed if I change the value of parameter, it doesn't update in the popup.
parameter name: Alarm_Area

I am not sure how it is fixed, but after a few days it is updated! maybe we restarted the gateway or the server...

Hi Fatemeh - without knowing the rest of the configuration for the popup, the tag, the device, when what was saved in the designer, the state of the device, and a lot of other possible information I couldn't tell you why it wasn't populating. All I can tell you is the root cause wasn't your name parameter.

When will this be updated? It's still in 8.1.39. It's given us quite the fright....

I can't give you a narrow timeline but it's in our backlog. We haven't lost sight of getting this done.

Ok. Thank you :+1: