Ignation internet problem

I am going to run ignatin on internet via vpn but I faced with this error,
Please help me, what is problem?

Are you using SSL? What ports do you have open on the firewall?

No, I am not using SSL.

WOW, the best support in the world!

It seems to me to be some networking issue? Can you launch the client on the same network (not over VPN)?


Let’s try something a bit more proactive. It’s almost definitely related to the network, but that error message is a bit interesting. Please try the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel>Java on the machine you’re launching from.
  2. Go to Advanced>Java Console, and select “Show Console”.
  3. Try to launch again. You should see the java console pop up, and it should have the error with more detail.
  4. Paste the error back here, and hopefully we can start to track down exactly what’s happening.

Also, given the number of the error, which is often used to indicate something internal, please check the error logs on the Ignition gateway to see if there are any message reported around the time of the log in attempts.


Very thanks, the log attached below.
Java_console.txt (12.3 KB)

The log indicates 2 things:

  1. You’re using a beta version of Java 7 (build 113), at least on the client. I tested with build 120 with no issues, so I doubt this is the main problem, but it’s worth noting.
  2. The client connects to the server, but then fails to download the first JAR file. It’s possible that a firewall, virus scanner, network shaper, etc in the middle is interfering with this.

First, I would check what was first suggested: Can you launch locally on the server machine? If so, what network tools are in between the server and your client? Somewhere along the way something must be blocking “executable” downloads, like JAR files (in this case, the files aren’t actually executable, but would look like it to a file filter).