Ignition 64 bit on Windows 7

When I installed Ignition on my Windows 7 64 bit platform I did not get the same results as on my WinXP machine. For example, I don’t have a link to the Gateway control utility. Is this going to be a problem?

There is a problem with the 7.2.5 installer not putting the GCU link in program files. The installation is just fine there is a batch file located in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition called launch-gcu.bat that you can run to see the GCU.

When I start the GCU, it won’t let me restart the service or even launch the webpage. I using 7.4.2 ignition.

You probably have to run the GCU in Administrative privileges. So right click and say run as administrator.

Hi Travis,

Me and another engineer have been working on Ignition and come across a simillar issue. The when click on the launch gateway control utility and run it as an administrator. A command prompt window opens up and closes but the gateway control utility does not open up. It used to work before but has stopped doing so. Please advise.


Sometimes Windows security features just don’t like the GCU. Try opening a command prompt with administrator privileges (right click on the icon in the start menu and click run as administrator), change directory into the Ignition install directory then launch the GCU from the command line.