Ignition 7.0.7 problem

I have created a group with trigger in Ignition 7.0.7. The same trigger works in FactorySQL.

Please find the trigger

  1. Create a trigger so that only good data is logged. This is probably the best option, if your group does not already have a trigger:
    i) Create a copy of one of your OPC items in the group.
    ii) Edit that copy, and change the “Property” from “Value” to “Quality”. The data type should be Integer.
    iii) Set the item to “read only”. It is only useful as the trigger, so it doesn’t need to be stored in the database. You may also change the name of the item to something more identifiable, like “trigger”.
    iv) On the Trigger tab of the group, select “execute group on trigger”. Select your trigger item. Select the 3rd trigger condition and set: “is active = 192, non-active != 192”.

So what is the problem? You didn’t even state what the issue is.

Also, why not change the title to be something useful?

Yes, please tell us what’s actually happening. I followed that procedure in Ignition and everything worked as expected. Furthermore, it would be better to post a reply to the previous thread you created for this problem rather than creating a new topic and copying/pasting the body over again.


We upgraded from Ignition 7.0.4 to 7.0.7. We have created a trigger with condition 192. It was not working in Ignition 7.0.4, so we upgraded to 7.0.7.

Still we are facing the problem with this trigger.

I have posted the same issue and you have not resolved the problem. I have posted the issue clearly and i don’t know why you are unable to solve the problem.

I may be dense but here are the things that are unclear to me:

What OPC server are you using?
Is your trigger condition actually changing values?
Is your OPC server reporting this status correctly?

If your goal is to not log data when you have a communications loss then you should be able to look at the comms status bit and trigger from that.

Yes, the problem is that you just say “it doesn’t work”, and yet it works for me in a variety of tests, so we’ll need a bit more information to work with.

Do you see the values show up in the designer when the group is running? Does the group simply never trigger, or does it never stop triggering?

If nothing else, could you export the group to XML and post it here (attach the file)? Right click on the group and go to Export>XML.