Ignition 7.0.9 b4970 (and b4963 too I think)

A couple of closely related errors have come to light within the Ignition designer Transaction Groups when using a “Stored Procedure” group (we use MS SQL as the datasource):
1.) you no longer get a list of available Stored procedures from the datasource.
2.) if you try to “Store Timestamp to” any datetime parameter you get an error about date/time formatting or conversion. (it makes the group fail).
3.) If you inadvertently leave a required parameter unmapped you get a cryptic error message that states something like “Error executing procedure… 12 is an invalid parameter index” I’d have included the original message but it has rolled off the end of the console event log.
This would be better if it said something like “required parameter missing”


Yes, those are all legitimate problems. The first 2 have been fixed for the next dev build. The 3rd is a bit trickier, the problem is that we’re using parameter names, but the SQL Server driver converts them to indices and then complains if you’ve skipped any (even though they’re allowed to be optional in SQL Server itself).

We’re trying to think about what we can do to make this a little more user-friendly. A better message would be a start, but I’d like to do something a bit more pro-active, like have a display somewhere that shows you which parameters you’ve used, and which you haven’t.


Thanks Colby. Any Idea when we’ll be able to get the “next” build?

Sorry for not replying sooner… we thought it was going to go up yesterday, but it’ll be a bit later today (as a dev release, actual release will likely be early next week).