Ignition 7.1.4 (b5476) on Win7x64 to 7.1.6 (b5739)

Hello All,

I want to upgrade the 64 bit version of Ignition 7.1.4 (b5476) on my Win7x64 system to 7.1.6 (b5739).

I downloaded and ran the installer because of the following statement (found at inductiveautomation.com/downloads/ignition):

[quote]How do I upgrade?
The Windows installer below doubles as an upgrader. For all other platforms you must download the ‘Context for Ignition Gateway’ below and use the Ignition Gateway Control Utility (GCU) to upgrade.

Ignition - Windows Installer
Ignition-7.1.6-windows-installer.exe (Size: 69.56 MB)
Installer for Windows x86/x64 [/quote]
It didn’t work as I expected. I was not prompted to specify x86 or x64. I checked the installation paths and the 64 bit is still on Program Files [happily] and the 32 bit was installed on Program Files (x86). The 32 bit gateway service was not installed [no problem there].

So, with the given can I please get some direction on the following?:

I want to uninstall the 32 bit without corrupting 64 bit install (specifically the gateway service).
The I want to upgrade as initially intended; for that do I just copy the contents of Ignition-build5739-windows-x64.zip into the directory of my choosing and change the gateway service’s target?


Sure, first backup the 64bit Ignition install directory so you have a copy in case anything goes wrong. Next, go ahead and uninstall the 32bit version. It will remove the Windows service but it is easy to add back. Once uninstalled, you can install the service again by running the install-ignition.bat in the 64bit install directory for Ignition. Lastly to upgrade to 7.1.6 download the context- from the downloads section of the website and place it in C:\Progam Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\upgrades. If the upgrades folder doesn’t exist create one and place the file in it. Once done just start up the service and Ignition will be upgraded.

Sorry about the confusion with the installer. It is a 32bit installer/upgrader only.


I was able to do as you directed for the 32 bit unistall and the reinstall of the 64 bit Gateway service. I was not able, however, to upgrade with the context- package in the aforementioned location.

When I installed the 64 bit I created it on \Program Files\Ignition\ and within this structure is a ‘versions’ folder. Using the Gateway Control Utility to perform the upgrade showed me that this is the place for the gateway context upgrade package. I placed the context file in that location and was able to upgrade.

Many thanks for getting me to the right place Travis.

Now this leads me to another issue. As you can see, the name of the folder location for the Ignition product is inappropriate (now that it is upgraded). Can I simply rename the folder location, correct the PATH and rerun the install-ignition batch file? Are there any dependencies on the physical program location other than the service and PATH? I have concerns about the executing install-ignition batch file since, aside from the %Ignition-Home%, all is now as desired.


Yes, you can just rename the folder and rerun the install-ignition.bat. If you look at the windows service all it does is point to the IgnitionGateway.exe in the install directory and passes in the ignition.conf file. When you rerun the bat file it will get these in place for you.