Ignition 7.2.6-beta1 (b78) Touchscrren mode not working

Hi Everyone,

Am using the 7.2.6-beta1 (b78) version due to the AllenBradley driver requirements.
I have 3 projects on the system of which all have the Touchscreen mode enabled on startup.
I start the client from say the downloaded desktop item then the touch screen mode works.
However if i have a button on the screen on one project to go to the other project it seems that:
the touch screen mode now doesn’t work anymore.
if i close the client and start it up from the desktop item agian touchscreen mode is back.

The button uses an action script

system.util.retarget("FillingTwinBag","localhost:80/main",{},["Header","Footer","Line 2"])

Any Ideas?

We will look into the issue. In the meantime, what if you put the following script on the Startup Script of the FillingTwinBag project:system.gui.setTouchscreenModeEnabled(1)See if that works.