Ignition 7.2, unable to commit changes to field PC based HMI screens

Good morning,

I have an existing project file from customer, I made a copy of project file and I have updated few windows in the new project file, after that I saved and published the project, I can run the machine through my laptop but I am not able send updates to field HMI screens, they are showing errors. All I want to do is to create a shortcut for customer on the HMI screens so that they can run the latest file through one click and control the system. Please if someone can help me achieve this goal?

Best Regards

What errors? Did you develop in the same version of Ignition on your side? You can’t load projects from newer Ignition into older Ignition. The files are not backward compatible. Not even from 7.2.x to 7.2.y if x > y.

It was a communication error I believe. I updated the copy of project in the same version as it was the original. I was not able to create .lnk file to run on the customer HMI screen.