Ignition 7.3.1(on win7) SQLServer 2008

SQLServer logs shows a successful connection. Ignition shows datasource as unknown.
There is a TCP connection with keep alive packets from Ignition to SQLServer machine.
There are also UDP packets going between them with a destination port of tcpnethaspsvr.
Authentication is through the database not the domain.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

I presume you’re not talking about this:


There appears to be a Java 6 version 30 out that fixes this, but I haven’t tried it.

yeah I had this happen the other day. downgraded to 27 and everything was fine.

Not the case here, I’m running 1.6.0_21

Upgraded to 7.3.2 problem still exists. One of the guys here thinks Ignition might be waiting for a response from the DB. Could that be the case? What sort of response should I be looking for?

There is nothing showing in the log file even with the level set to ALL. It’s like it’s not even trying anything.

Does it make any difference what O/S the Gateway is install on? Do I need special SQLServer client software?

If you set the loggers to ALL and then force a reconnection to SQLServer (edit and save the connection), is there still nothing in the console?

only the message from the store and forward cache about skipping because there is nothing to do.

It looks like Java 6 update 29 was installed on Robert’s computer. You can check what version of Java is being used in the Gateway under System->Status. There is an entry for ‘Java Version.’ This often comes up when both 32bit and 64bit versions are installed on the computer at the same time.


Like Bobby said, I had two versions of Java installed. The command line returned the 64 bit version, Ignition was using the 32 bit version.

After updating to 1.6.0_30, restarting several times to apply the windoze updates I downloaded this morning, waiting for it to restart only to tell me it has to reboot again a couple more times… :imp:

It works!

Thanks Bobby,

Ah, didn’t know that was out, but good to note here. Looks like this problem was the primary fix for update 30, and is detailed in this bug ticket in the Java bug tracker.