Ignition 7.3.7 version issue


Previously we had installed ignition v7.7.7 and java 8 on linux machine.The ignition software worked normally.
As our ignition application was developed using previous v7.3.7, we installed the same v7.3.7 with keeping the pre-installed java 8.
Now after installation, each time we launch designer the java update window pops up(screenshot 1)
When we click on ‘update’ the system hangs and do not update. .Also on clicking ‘later’ the other window “Application blocked by java security” pops(screenshot 2).

Please suggest whether to install java 6 or run ignition 7.3.7 on java 8?
If we require to install java 6 please suggest the java installation steps.

Sonali Khairnar

Oracle patched Java numerous times in the past few years to close serious security holes. One of those changed how certificates were verified, and the change was not backward compatible. IA updated the Long Term Support versions (7.5.14 & 7.7.8) to accept the new Java security rules. 7.3.x is too old.
I would temporarily install 7.5.14 and restore your backup into it. Then back up from 7.5 and restore into 7.7.8. Then back up from 7.7.8 and restore into 7.8.4.
I don’t know what version of Java you’d need to make 7.3 work. Maybe someone else can chime in.

I think you’ll need JRE6 for the gateway.

In addition, I recall know on my 7.2.11 installs, running JRE 7 on the designer completely hosed over my projects. Just something to watch for.

Do we really need to install Java 6 again ??

Well… yes. Just because Java 8 is newer doesn’t guarantee that it’s backwards compatible.

A 7.3.x gateway may run fine on Java 7 or 8, but client and designers that probably will not. There were some weird Swing-related backwards compatibility problems introduced with Java 7.