Ignition 7.3 and web services module

Is it still in the roadmap of Ignition 7.3 ? any beta soon for 7.3 ?
Is there some informations about this module ?


what kind of capabilities would this module make available?

I’m just guessing but I think he’s referring to topics like these ones.

While I’m still looking forward to some form of web services module, you are correct that (as fas as a know) a lot of definition around what is really required/wanted to be exposed in such a module still has to be done.

In my industry there has been a lot of work done on standards such as CIM (IEC-61970) and Multispeak. The later is web services based. Getting Ignition to talk either of these would be a lot of work me thinks. (as much as I would love it to happen)

What do you want to see?

Yes and also interact wit db such as Oracle with a web services. In that way, you can read/write a customer’s db from anywhere (even via internet, vpn). Ne fear for security and privacy for the db manager.
We actually have this running with a large Oracle db holding water counter for more than 150.000 customers. The customers only allows us to use web services.

There is in fact a Web Services Module, which has been under development for a while. It’s currently in limited beta. It is getting closer to release, but it isn’t on the 7.3 roadmap. It will probably be released some time after 7.3.

The module provides support for WS:I Basic Profile compliant web services. The MultiSpeak reference architecture is based on the Basic Profile 1.1, so in theory, implementations of MultiSpeak should work fine. Web services that don’t comply to WSI-BP generally don’t work very well.

I’m not sure what Oracle’s web services look like, but you could check the spec. If they are WSI-BP compliant, they will probably work as well.