Ignition 7.6.0 javadoc missing


It seems that the javadocs are missing from the 7.6.0 SDK

Also there was a few problems in the way the project were setup in eclipse (They all reference jar with the pattern /IgnitionSDK/*-7.6.0.jar, while the ‘-7.6.0’ is missing in the name of the jar files.

After fixing these problems by renaming the jars, there were also a couple of compilation errors:

  • wrong import in /WeatherModule_Gateway/src/com/inductiveautomation/weather/driver/GatewayHook.java
  • Duplicate local variable declaration in com.example.gateway.SimpleProviderGatewayHook.java



Thanks for reporting, we’ve got the javadocs included for the next version and we’ll take a look at the other problems.