Ignition 7.6.7 OPC UA

I have an Igntion 7.6.7 with an opc ua module version 1.6.7 (b2014082615)
I´m trying to read my tags from a opc client application (OPC Expert V9.4.2305.31)
and i can connect but i don´t get the tags from scada.
I don´t know how can the system expose the tags.

I only see the diagnosis opc tags from the system and the devices tags created by adresses like you can see on the image attached.

May be the system doesn´t expose the tags and you must write the full item path or may be the system uses an id that i don´t know how can i relate it to the string tag path.

Thank you very much.

7.6 ? damn, you should get in touch with the Guinness book, you probably hold the record !
Note that not only is it OLD, it's also not a LTS release, if IA already used the even/odd number system back then.

Frankly with a version that old, only very few people will be able to help. I doubt even Phil remembers what exactly was going on in 7.6 !

Any chance you can update ?


Thank you [pascal.fragnofoud] but 7.6.7 version it´s the latest from 7.6

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