Ignition 7.7.1 RC1 Available - IMPORTANT FIXES

Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce that 7.7.1 rc 1 is up on the downloads page under “Early Access”. There are a few important fixes in it:

  • The “Custom Where Clause” on transaction groups was not working correctly

  • UDT parameters used in Alarms were not being correctly applied.

Therefore, if you make use of either of these features, you are encouraged to immediately upgrade.

Barring any other significant bugs reported, we will likely release 7.7.1 final next week. Please post with any questions.


Thank you for getting the rc out. I needed the fix for the UDT alarming. :smiley:

I upgraded my two servers, but now I notice that my backup server says “Incompatible” and I cannot force a fail-over. Any thoughts?

You upgraded both the master and the backup and it says that? I would take a look at the module list on both servers, maybe something is different there. There are two primary causes of “incompatibility”, different software version, and different modules. Maybe the upgrade did something to the modules.

Also, if you post the logs from the backup, or look around when the system started, it should say why it became incompatible.


Once I restarted services on the backup server from the gateway control utility everything came up good. Not sure why I didn’t try this before.

For reference, I upgraded the backup server first, and then the main server.


I also had a fun UDT alarming adventure! Can you peg this to the top of the forum so others don’t miss it!