Ignition 7.7.7 and 7.8.2 introduce new internal storage

Can IA tell us what the new internal storage system is? What database system is being used for it?

Can you tell us why you switched to it?


The old system was HSQL (used since 2003, in FactoryPMI and through to Ignition), and the new system is SQLite (which, actually, was also used in 2003 with FactorySQL, but not in Ignition).

We’ve had various issues over the years, but never enough to prompt us to switch. For 7.7.5 we upgraded the library version to attempt to fix a fairly serious (though rare) deadlocking issue. This, unfortunately, led to further and different issues, and an increased support load.

After much deliberation, we decided to switch to SQLite, which has a dramatically larger install base.

So far, we have found the transition to be rather transparent, to the end user. It is more restrictive from a back end point of view, but anybody using our published API and taking care to not have multiple sessions/connections open shouldn’t have a problem.


Cool, thanks Colby.