Ignition 7.7?

Do you plan to release Ignition 7.7 soon ?
We need to translate screens…

We’re still looking at releasing this quarter.

How often do you release updates? Quarterly, yearly or just when available?


When available.

You can see how often new releases come out by going to the download archives webpage and looking at the dates that Ignition versions have been released.

I see:
Ignition 7.6.6 Release Date: Apr 1, 2014
Ignition 7.6.4 Release Date: Nov 22, 2013
Ignition 7.6.3 Release Date: Sep 5, 2013
Ignition 7.6.2 Release Date: Jul 2, 2013
Ignition 7.6.1 Release Date: May 28, 2013

With the 7.7, have you upgrade HSQLDB internal db to 2.3 ?
Does 7.7 release include performance Gain ?

HSQLDB 2.2.9 is the version in 7.7.

What performance issues have you been having?

In designer, some modification in UDT parameter with lots of instance, there is some freeze…
In Vision, a screen with lots of information (about 1600) take about 3 seconds to be displayed.

I make a Proof Of Concept with 7.6.6 for a possible big project in Ignition, about 70.000 IO sqltag, screen with lot of information, and we are looking for the best performance.

My hardware is a bit weak for this POC,
Of course, Ignition performance are liked to the Hardware and application design.

The core of Ignition is HSQLDB, so if latest release of HSQLDB go faster, Ignition probably as well ?

I will try to improve all parts : hardware, application design, scan class, S7 driver (Ignition or Kepware), screen cache, etc

PM me, I’d liek to look at your screens. There might be some subtle changes we can make to speed things up.

Also… you would replace the HSQLDB jar file by yourself. This is totally unsupported, but then at least you will know if it will speed things up. Backup first, don’t do this in production until you know it is stable.