Ignition 7.8.1: [System]Gateway/Alarming tag folder gone

I’ve just installed the last Ignition version 7.8.1: where has the tag folder [System]Gateway/Alarming bin move? Or was it suppressed? My project heavily relies on those tags. I need an answer asap!

Thanks, regards

Just solved: Ignition completely uninstalled and installed again, now it works!
For Inductive Automation people might be this of interest: my first attempt was to install Ignition 7.8.1 on 7.8.0 without uninstall the preceding version. That had two bad consequences:

  1. no [System]Gateway/Alarming tag folder anymore and
  2. no possibility to write to the PLC through Kewpare (all tags were read-only).
    So in my case uninstall of 7.8.0 was necessary prior to install the new version 7.8.1.


Same thing happened to me today:
I have upgraded Ignition Gateway from 7.8.5 to 7.9.4.
And now tag folder [System]Gateway/Alarming is gone… :scream:

I can’t uninstall and reinstall because this is a production Ignition server…

What can be done?

I’ve just restarted the Ignition Gateway and now tag folder [System]Gateway/Alarming is back!
Very strange… :unamused: