Ignition 7.9.11 Upgrade Broke Vision Window Appearance

Prior to upgrading from Ignition 7.9.10 to 7.9.11, I had client startup scripts that opened a small (180x500) desktop window containing only a template. The window functions as a faceplate display, and the template path/content is changed based on the user’s current selection in the main window.

After upgrading:

  • the desktop window is still the appropriate size
  • the Ignition window contained now appears 3x the original width and 1.5x the original height
  • the template size is slightly bigger than specified
  • the desktop window now has scrollbars to account for this (unwanted)
  • the template is centered in the Ignition window, which is outside of the viewport without scrolling

Nothing has changed in the start-up script or the config of the window. I’ve manually deleted and recreated the window to no avail.

startup script:

system.gui.openDesktop(screen=0, handle='Faceplate', width=180, height=500)
system.nav.desktop('Faceplate').swapTo('Faceplate/Faceplate Container')

The size of the Faceplate Container window is still 180x500. The max window size and the size of the template is also 180x500. The window is set to start maximized. Oddly, if I uncheck ‘start maximized’, the window appears as an Ignition popup with the proper size within the 180x500 Desktop (but still with desktop scrollbars). When maximized the incorrect behavior returns.

Is this a :bug:?

Found my issue in the changelog:



Secondary desktops now correctly inherit UI properties (axis precedence, infinite desktop, etc)

One of these UI properties is the desktop minimum size, configured in Project Properties > Client > User Interface. Fixed by lowering the minimum globally, suppose you could override each child’s minimum as well.

This was a :bug: fix!