Ignition (7.9.12) Runtime not writing tag values to OPC (Kepware 6.3)

My customer has a system that we are converting from InTouch to their existing Ignition platform. We have identified several setpoint tags that do not respond to changes either via transaction groups (recipes) or touch keypad interaction in the Runtime application. This does not matter if the OPC item is defined or not in Kepware. The tag does an initial update on application start, but it does not continuously read the data on change.

Curiously, the tag data responds exactly as intended through the Development. Writes work as intended. Data pokes through OPC Quick Client are updated in Development, but not in runtime.

Some extra details:

  • All tags are set for read / write
  • OPC UA tags using Ignition S7 driver do not exhibit this issue.
  • Most (so far none identified otherwise) feedback tags read data as expected.
  • Kepware is running TI/Siemens 505 ethernet driver
  • Customer already has several applications with different TI/505 systems using the same OPC server working as intended. Some topics have the tags configured; some not.
  • There is only one Runtime client running.
  • Tried auto and specific data type with no difference in operation.