Ignition 7.9.15 - system.report.executeAndDistribute

I have developed one report in the Ignition 7.9.15 using reporting module. And configured a scheduled report tasks “Savefile” as PDF and Excel. Also I am having reviewer component provided on one of our screens.

My Question:

  1. If I view a report using report viewer in a client (Running on a Gateway Server) for 25th Aug. 2020. I am getting different values than values printed in PDF file, which is generated automatically by scheduled task of report module.
  2. I have read the note provided in IA 7.9 manual.

    my questions is, I have configured “Gateway Time zone” for time zone behavior in project properties for Client>General>time zone behavior. However, the client running on same Gateway Server is using different time zone than gateway having?
  3. Is there any alternate solution to make both the reports similar for a day, i.e. Scheduled PDF report and report viewer report for a day.

Please advise.

As suggested IA support team, I have upgraded the Ignition version 7.9.15 snapshot to stable version. Now the new issue facing data logging stop after every 5-6 hours. No logs found in Ignition log regarding this. I got stuck. Please help.

Having similar issues after upgrading to 7.9.15 stable release.
No data logging after 4 hours or so. No logs in gateway to suggest any issues

7.9.16 addresses this data logging issue, and is now available on the website.

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