Ignition 7.9.17

Hello, Good afternoon.
hope everyone doing good.
I have installed ignition 7.9.17 in my laptop, but my gateway is not opening, can anybody help me regarding this.

Why would you not download 8.1.x?

If this is a licensed installation, they may have a 7.9 license but not a current support agreement.
To the original question can you verify the service is actually running?

Hi Josborn,
service is running, I have checked.

Hi Andrew,
The Project Backup i want to check is developed on 7.9

Share the install logs. Find it ~.\ignition\install\install.log
You should see this in the last lines

INFO  [IgnitionInstaller        ] [2021/07/26 22:15:36]: Starting Gateway. This should only take a moment..
INFO  [IgnitionInstaller        ] [2021/07/26 22:15:51]: Gateway service started and installed
INFO  [IgnitionInstaller        ] [2021/07/26 22:15:51]: Gateway started
INFO  [IgnitionInstaller        ] [2021/07/26 22:15:51]: Gateway Address: http://localhost:8088

Do you see a log level different than INFO?