Ignition 7.9.5 - isAlarmActiveFiltered - wildcards for relative tagpath

Hi @KathyApplebaum,

We try to use the new expression in 7.9.5 isAlarmActiveFiltered

We have gateway tags inside an UDT with the following expression

Tag1 :

forceQuality(isAlarmActiveFiltered("..[.]/*_AH", "*", "*", 3, 3, 0, 1, 0),192)

Tag2 :


We have an active alarm with priority 3,
Tag1 = 0 instead of 1 as expected
Tag2 = 1

Can we use "…[.] " or these kinds of widcards for relative tagPaths in isAlarmActiveFiltered ???
It seem to be mandatory to have a path with an explicit tag provider (as for example “[default]”) in isAlarmActiveFiltered

Hey @mazeyrat,
The provider name is only required in the tagPath on gateway-scoped expressions, otherwise the function assumes the default provider.

The isAlarmActiveFiltered function uses the same tagPathParser that isAlarmActive uses, so wildcards should all work the same way . However, I think the syntax in your example is a bit off. If you’re specifying a provider, it should be the first item in the string.

So in your example it should be something like:

forceQuality(isAlarmActiveFiltered("[.]../*_AH", "*", "*", 3, 3, 0, 1, 0),192)

Yes @Michael.Stofan,


is OK,

but is isAlarmActiveFiltered with same TagPath filter criteria of is NOK :frowning:

forceQuality(isAlarmActiveFiltered("[.]../*_AH", "*", "*", 3, 3, 0, 1, 0),192)

Hmm… Looks like something may not be working right then. Can you send me an example of one of your UDTs so we can test it out?

See attached an export of the UDT
Alarme and AlarmeMoyenne are OK
AlarmeHaute is not working.

udt_alarme.xml (1.7 KB)

Hi, I know this is an old converstation, but I have the same problem with realtive paths for isAlarmActiveFiltered in UDT´s. Did anyone of you find a solution for this?

We use with success expression like this (inside UDT on the tag /TS/STATUS)
(Ignition 7.9.12, I suppose OK with 7.9.6+ )

isAlarmActiveFiltered(replace("[default]{PathToTag}*","/TS/STATUS","/TA"), "", "", 3, 3, 0, 1, 0),


OK, Have you tried this script in 8.0.X? it doesn´t seem to work in 8.0

Expression has changed in Ignition 8, especially UDT parameter.

Example for 8 :

isAlarmActiveFiltered(concat("[default]",replace(concat({PathToTag},"*"),"/TS/STATUS","/TA")), "", "", 3, 3, 0, 1, 0),