Ignition 7.9.6 and ctypes -- missing windll

I’m trying to load a dynamic linked library that has a few standard c (cdecl) library calls – a few calls but LOTS of code behind them.

Jython v2.5.2 apparently supports this, but I cannot get ignition to load a dynamic library.

One of the things I noticed is windll is missing in ctypes.

Docs regardin loading DLL in jython:
Jython ctypes documentation

Do I need to create a JNI to load a library in Ignition?

If you can get ctypes in Jython working on your own, that would be fine, but we don’t support it. I thought the Jython ctypes implementation was only partially complete.

Creating a module and interfacing with your DLL using JNI or JNA would be the “supported” approach.

Don’t expect ctypes to work in jython. That documentation was copied over from python.org and wasn’t properly pruned. It even has “new in 2.6” statements for v2.5.2. It doesn’t – cannot – work.