Ignition-7.9 and MQTT Engine/Transmission compatibility

Currently I have Ignition (7.9.16) with Cirrus link MQTT engine module (3.4.12) and Cirrus link MQTT Transmission module (3.4.12). Running into some issues with not able to refresh (Transmission control → Refresh). Which other Cirrus link MQTT Engine/Transmission higher versions are compatible with Ignition (7.9.16) ?

It looks like the MQTT 3.4.12 modules are compatible with Ignition 7.9.17 and the latest that is compatible with Ignition 7.9.16 is 3.4.11. You can check the versions that are compatible with each Ignition version by checking the modules download page: Strategic Partner Modules | Inductive Automation

If possible, I suggest upgrading your Ignition gateway to at least 7.9.17 to ensure that MQTT module is compatible.