Ignition 7.9 Dynamic Reports to view on Vision Display

Hey all,

I am trying to help out a customer who has need to run reports on the the fly. So I developed a bunch of reports and am trying to display them in Ignition.

I made a template to view the reports with the report viewer component.

The user selects the start and end date/time, the name of the report from the drop down, and the mode of report which is another parameter I use in my reports. When they hit go I would like to run the selected report with these parameters.

These reports can be large, and take some time to run. When I use the report viewer it always starts running the report with the default values for my report parameters as soon as I assign it a report path. So if the client wants to run a report they must first wait for the report to run with parameters they didn’t select.

So my next idea was to use the system.report.executeReport scripting function and display it on a PDF viewer component. However, the function and the component do not seem to be compatible. When attempting to display it this way the report all the text comes back as ▯.

So I can’t display it with scripting coupled with the PDF viewer, and the report viewer won’t let me select my parameters before running. Anybody have any workarounds to get it to display with user defined parameters?

Short of making a display for every report I am running out of ideas to get this to work.

Consider setting your default parameters to yield an empty report quickly.

I think might do that for the screens were we need to run reports side by side.

I just went ahead and made unique displays for each single display report page. I switched the dropdown to select the display holding the report, and the Go button swaps the displays.

I was really disappointed that the PDF viewer fails to show the scripted report. I feel like especially because the pdf viewer was part of the reporting module that somebody dropped the ball on that one.