Ignition 7.9 Expression

Is anyone familiar with the use of ‘::’ in an expression binding?

I am troubleshooting a screen and see a reference like {Page.PropertyThatDoesn’tExist::PropertyThatDoesn’tExist.Property That Doesn’t Exist} I don’t see how the property binding is related to the page and believe the page currently doesn’t work but have never seen ‘::’ used before and am looking for any info that can point me to its use

Template not page

Doesn’t seem to be valid for Vision expressions at all.

{Root Container.a::Tag 1}
Is a property reference to member Tag 1 of the custom data type property binding a on the root container.


Ah, sorry. I don’t ever use UDT properties.

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Is that referenced anywhere?

It’s definately not here:

It’s not in the 8.1 version of the same page either.

Probably not.
Everything inside the curly braces is passed to the local expression’s contextual “property resolver”, so despite common syntax choices inside the curly braces, technically e.g. alarm pipelines vs tags vs Perspective vs Vision each have their “own” implementation of property lookup. So if it were to go anywhere, it would be a Vision specific expression page, not on the general syntax overview.

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Thank you I think this is it, probably just a copy and paste template

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