Ignition 7.9 for ARM based systems like Raspberry pi

I am very pleased to share the news that Ignition 7.9 ARM binaries for Raspberry pi, Beagle bone etc is now available for download as per the message posted by Kevin.

“We’ve added ARM binaries for 7.9, so the Ignition gateway and most modules will now run on RPi and other ARM based systems that support Java 8”.
---- kevin@inductiveautomation.com (Senior Software Developer, Inductive Automation)

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You can download it from:

I am posting this new topic, in order to revive the interest and discussion on “Ignition for Raspberry pi” which many of us have been eagerly waiting for is available now. Congratulations for Ignition team for launching probably the first SCADA in the world for ARM platform. Please share your project ideas and experience. Thanks.

I suggest that Inductive Automation sales/suppprt team must share this exciting news “World’s first SCADA for Raspberry Pi and ARM platforms” with all registered users and ARM server manufacturers by email :smiley:

“Amazon echo + RPI + Ignition”:

I was wondering, if it’s possible to integrate Ignition on RPI with Amazon echo !!.

Please watch these videos, do some research and share your ideas:

  1. youtube.com/watch?v=VIP50LYd-rI
    Amazon Echo Review | Home Automation Demo using the Amazon Echo 2016

  2. youtube.com/watch?v=LMW6aXmsWNE
    Amazon Echo with Home Automation ( Smartthings )

One interesting application for a voice commanded Ignition i can think about is:

A CEO wants to know about many things like production status, loss of manhours, failure analysis etc for which one has to build very complicated SQL queries which is some times challenging even for an SQL expert. A voice commanded Ignition can be programmed to do these things automatically. Similarly, it can help sales guys who want to do some analysis about stock, orders etc from a remote location as well.

These kind of projects are very attractive for high school and university students. In fact, SI’s can build a “Raspberry Pi SCADA Trainer kit” and sell it in schools and universities. It’s time to take Ignition to the students community and Ignite their passion for science and engineering projects. May be, later Ignition can come up with an affordable license for students as well. Make Ignition ubiquitous !!.

Please share your application ideas. Thanks. :smiley:

Hi there!

I am not sure if here is the place to post it but is there a plan to get the Web Browser module working on the Pi in 7.9? I have tried it but it does not display neither error message (as in 7.8 ) or Web browser. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: My gateway is running on x64 PC and my client is on Rasp Pi

The web browser component we use, JxBrowser, does not appear to support ARM right now: jxbrowser.support.teamdev.com/s … quirements

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply! Are there any plans using different browser or get Jx compatible with ARM? We use loads of Pis on the facility floor to display various data from ignition and local servers on same screen (switching between browser and ignition on timer). It will be much easier to switch screens in ignition rather in the Pi. I has tried to find the web page where I can propose it for implementation but had no success.

No plans to use a different library for the browser. Making the library compatible with the Pi would be up to TeamDev, not us.

Hi Kevin

Is it possible to deploy an Ignition Gateway backup file (*.gwbk) developed with an intel laptop on to a Raspberry pi3 or any ARM machine?. In other words, are the .proj and .gwbk files are processor independent?.

Should be. They are composed of serialized java objects and xml. As long as there’s no resources pointing at unsupported module classes.

Hi pturmel

Thanks for the wonderful reply. I was bit embarrassed to ask this question thinking it may sound stupid but still i managed to gather up some courage and posted it. wow… now i can make my audience “jaw dropped” listening to my presentation :smiley:

Depending on how loosely you define SCADA it may not be the worlds first for arm.

Node-Red has been around for a few years and runs on the R pi.


Here is a video of node-red reading and writing modbus to a PLC.

Hi zackscriven

Very interesting. Node-Red has all the tools to become a full fledged open source SCADA in near future. It’s light weight and ideal for embedded IOT applications.

Open Source SCADA: Node-RED, OPC UA & MySQL on Raspberry Pi:

NodeRED - graphical programming for node.js and IoT - TalkJS

I have invited adafruit developers and enthusiasts to download and evaluate the “Ignition SCADA for RPI and ARM platforms” :smiley:


[quote=“R.Alamsha”]Hi zackscriven

Very interesting. Node-Red has all the tools to become a full fledged open source SCADA in near future. It’s light weight and ideal for embedded IOT applications.

Actually, I have been playing around with ARM Ignition and Node-Red on a Pi. They are some powerful data flows you can come up with by using them together by getting data in/out of Ignition. I strongly recommend playing with it.

Hi bmcclain

I am building an “RPI Ignition trainer kit” for university students. I need some IOT project ideas which can keep them busy. I think Node-Red can play the role of an IOT data feeder for Ignition, especially for smart city projects. If possible, please share your project ideas. Thanks.