Ignition 7.9 gets hunged and no clients can open and designer cannot load projects

Hi, I write to ask help please for diagnose about what can be the problem of this. The Ignition 7.9.0 gets hunged and then no clients can open and designer cannot load projects.
I found on server on the Launch Gateway Control Utility that service was stopped; but Ignition Gateway Service was still running as if the system had been hung.
So I stopped the service and so get stopped and run again then clients and designer can be loaded again.
To find some issue on configurations I corrected the OPC UA endpoint of Ignition Gateway and also a Database that was not used i disabled it.

I download threads dump that were blocked maybe that is the reason why the system was hunged i thought i attach them : a picture of error at designer and also the wrapper log. Please help me to diagnose the cause to this topic and a solution if possible to improve the configuration of the Ignition gateway .
Thank you very much in advance. I remain attentive to your comments :pray:

Carito :four_leaf_clover:

wrapper.log.1.zip (303.6 KB)
thread_dump.txt (77.2 KB)

I skimmed the logs. I noticed two critical issues:

  1. “Unable to store data to quaratine.” Probably your disk is full. Combined with a down database connection that should be handling tag recordings. That puts tag history into quarantine, but the gateway cannot do so indefinitely.
  2. “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread” Your gateway is not equipped with enough memory, or you haven’t set ignition.conf to use the memory you have.

It’s not clear if one of these critical issues was triggered by the other.


Thanks very much Pturmel i will check the points that you indicate in your comments. :slight_smile: