Ignition 7.9 installation on a 64 bit windows architecture

Was wondering why there was an error as
" wrapperm | Unable to install the Ignition Gateway service- The specified service already exists. (0x431)
while attempting to install Ignition on my new server!!!
Any suggestions? Does this 64 bit creates folder into default location of C:\Program files\ xxxxx ??

It should install relevant files at C:\Program Files\InductiveAutomation unless you modified the default installation location during the install process.

Are you using the .zip installer, or the GUI installer?

In your OS search bar, search for Services, and open the Services Desktop App. If you sort the listed services by name, do you see “Ignition Gateway” as an available service?

Yes. But I wonder why it did not run the executable installation file for installing the server.
Service is running from the zip extracted folder which is by default in the download folder…
Also, I dont see this as installed programs in the program list. If so, I would have un installed and tried again…

Below is the service running location…
C:\Users\ignition_admin\Downloads\Ignition-windows-64-7.9.10\IgnitionGateway.exe -s C:\Users\ignition_admin\Downloads\Ignition-windows-64-7.9.10\data\ignition.conf

Cmallonee, Issue has been resolved and the problem was with the jRE…

But… what was the problem with the JRE?

Cmallonee. I installed JAVA 8.201, but not JRE prior to attempting the installation of Ignition Server. This time, I chose GUI installation. not .zip.
Also, I have another question, is there any difference of .zip installation? .Zip extraction gives .bat files for installing and I was getting the error as I mentioned earlier.

There are some minor differences (like default location), but they should be identical for the most part. Even the GUI supplies those .bat files (look in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition); you just don’t need to use them as part of the installation because the installer uses them for you.