Ignition 7.9 issue with OPC tag with green question mark

I am having an issue in Ignition Designer 7.9.4 where I can see the tags in OPC browser (OPC-UA server), but when I drag them into my tag browser, they all have a green question mark and don't display the value. I checked the OPC quick client and when I "read" the specific PV tag, it says "Status: Good" and reads the value. The Quality however says "Quality: [Good] Good; unspecified".
below are some screenshots that will hopefully help narrow down my issue.


Edit: Other tags on this gateway are reading currently, so I don't believe it's a gateway issue. the PLC program is 20.5.4.

Let me know if I need to display more information or details and I will happily oblige.


Which driver are you using for your PLC? Also, when you try reading the value using system.opc.readValue(), what quality code gets returned?