Ignition 7.9 Reporting Image placeholder key

I am using V7.9.3. I have a requirement to show a dynamic image in my report.

I have searched through the forum and I have come across this one: http://forum.inductiveautomation.com/t/using-the-image-placeholder-in-a-report/3131

However, I can’t seem to bind the key to a dynamic property. Right clicking on all the other properties of the image, I can select “use dynamic data key”. But when I right-click on the “Key” property, there’s nothing that comes out. I also tried placing the URLs of images directly in the key property, but I can’t see the image on preview mode.

Maybe I’m missing something. I hope someone can help me resolve this.
Thank you very much in advance!

I just tried this in 7.9.5, and you don’t need to right click. Instead, just drag the parameter onto the Key property. (Note: you won’t see it surrounded by @'s, and this is correct.) I can’t see that we’ve changed anything on this in 7.9.4 or 7.9.5, so I expect it will work the same way in 7.9.3

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Hi Ms. Kathy,
Thank you very much for your response.
However, my problem is, even if I place the link directly in the key, the image does not show in preview mode.

I really can’t figure out what I’m missing.
Thanks in advance!

The URL or file path needs to be enclosed in double quotes.

I got it working now.
Thank you!!

@KathyApplebaum I’m having an issue with a report in Ignition 8.0.15 using a url from a database in the image placeholder (in a table row). I’ve tried adding double quotes to it and leaving it without quotes, but neither will load the image. Any chance there’s an issue with image urls with HTTPS?

@KathyApplebaum - I have a similar problem. Ultimately I want to display any number of pictures in a report. The URL is stored in the database. For now I am trying to get 1 picture to display. I have tried ,unsuccessfully, to wrap the URL in double quotes by via DB Query and manually entering this in the ‘Key’ of the Image placeholder. ("“https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e0/SNice.svg/220px-SNice.svg.png”")
Also, with a DB Query I have attempted to populate a table with the same url to no avail.

on the image it seems you have to many quotes there. or was this just one of many attempts?

"" url ""

should be


also looks liks casing is diffrent tho idk if that is important, i havent used reports yet.
But on the image of rmdalisay it says <imageurl> while you have <ImageURL>

@victordcq - It was one of many attempts, but to show I was trying Kathy’s suggestion of double quotes. I tried ‘imageurl’ as you suggested to no avail - both in single and double quotes…

Ok update… I can get http images to work - not https.
found this page that speaks to having forward slashes for url. (Images in Reports - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation)

Is it possible to access https urls?

Actually, I was always using forward slashes… it was the http thing… :man_facepalming:

hmm… do you run your gateway on https? cuz if so then its weird that it doesnt work in secure version

Update. I tried an https image in a regular window, it works just fine. The problem seems to be in the report viewer. I can do an http image in report but not https.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Welh it shouldnt matter for images if its https or just http.
The only thing i can think of is that the report isnt running in secure mode then.
I dont know if that is because you forgot something or if its always like that

Seems 8.1.9 still doesn’t accept https.
Had to disable ‘Force Secure Redirect’ on the gateway webserver setting for the http address to image library to work. Without this it would try to redirect to https and fail to retrieve.
Using “http://ipaddress/system/images/example.jpg
You can also get some details of errors for the report in the report log at gatewayaddress/web/status/sys.reports?30