Ignition 7.9 Swahili Language Support

(I first want to apologize if this has been asked before. If it has, I could not find it.)

Hello! I would like to inject a “new” language into the Ignition Translation Manager.
I believe this is possible because

import java.util.Locale as locale
x = locale(‘sw’)
print x



Which tells me that the underlying java supports at least the idea of Swahili.
Are there other things behind the curtain that I can manipulate to get it added as an option in the Translation Manager?

(Yes, I know the Swahili language is supported in 8.x and that support for 7.9 is going away in December. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot upgrade at this time.)

I have no idea what this would do, but you could try setting the java.locale.providers system property to include CLDR, to try to have Java include (all?) Unicode recognized locales:
You’d likely need to do that for your gateway and all client/designer launches, as well…

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Thanks, Paul. Including java.locale.providers in the Gateway and Client launcher scripts has had no appreciable affect just yet. I’m looking to create a module to get it in the designer startup (per this thread: Designer Startup Script)