Ignition 7 Alarm Property Bindings

I'm adding some stuff to an existing 7.7 install. Creating a UDT, is there any way to parameterize the name or notes section of an alarm configuration? They don't have binding buttons.

You can use UDT parameters, but you have to type them in manually between { } braces.

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Good to know. That was my guess, but wasn't sure if that was actually going to work.

Also, I see that you're in a later version, but we'll see if it works for 7.7

It does, I've been using that since this version of the alarm system came out.

Also, it seems like the "notes" property for alarms is not available for display in the alarm journal table for 7.7...

Even under the alarm inspection? I don't remember if that was available in 7.7 or not.