Ignition 8.0.10 is there an issue with system.tag.readblocking?

I have really simple script triggered on the value changed on the text field.
TagReference = system.tag.readBlocking("[tpASRS]TODELETE_TEST/Interlock")

The script tries to read memory integer tags

Any idea why this might not be working?

Change it up to

TagReference = system.tag.readBlocking(["[tpASRS]TODELETE_TEST/Interlock"])

The tags you are wanting to read need to be in a list. Ulike the legacy system.tag.read which just want the tag path as a string.

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FWIW, it wasn’t until 8.1.3 that the tag read/write functions (updated with 8.0) would accept a sequence/list of tag paths OR single tag path.

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Thank you for your reply. I am using version 8.0.10 which does have system.tag.readBlocking instructions in several places using a list of tags inside.
They appear to work fine as far as i can see.

Do you know what changed in the version 8.1.3? Any hotfix ?

All that changed in 8.1.3 is the function was relaxed a little to accept a scalar argument in addition to a list. There’s nothing broken, though.

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