Ignition 8.0.12 - RunScript with string arg

I have a simple script used to ping a device:

I’m calling the script from an expression tag:

The problem is the runScript does not send the arguments. Only the defaut value is used.

If I remove the default value, the tag goes in error (config error)
If I pass an invalid IP address in the runScript call, the default value is used.

What am I missing?

runScript("IP_Monitor.checkPing", 0, "")
If you’re using the ‘newer’ form of runScript where you pass arguments separately, the first argument should just be a reference to the function to call itself. The ‘legacy’ syntax was to embed your parameters directly in the first argument, which is unwieldy.

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Remove the parens from your function reference in the runScript call. I don’t know why our documentation is wrong.

It’s not anymore :sweat_smile:

@vrautomation I apologize for any confusion the examples in the docs played here.

Problem solved. Thanks!