Ignition 8.0.12 service doesn't start automatically

I’ve just installed the Ignition 8.0.12 in windows server 2016 and don´t know why the ignition service is not capable to start alone, it needs to start manually in services.msc each time I restart windows.
Before it I installed ignition 8.0.6 in that server and it start automatically without any problem.

Is this service set to Manual or Automatic?

Of course it is automaic

Ones I face this, in my case was a windows VM. I changed multiple times the Ignition Port, and I had to completely copy and paste again the virtual machine. At some point, the services started automatically. I think this happened to me with a nightly 8.0.10

Even I am having this issue in Windows 10 in my laptop.

The service destined to Start Automatically as per Services Properties, but it doesn’t.

I need to manually start the service and then open the localhost Gateway.

Without knowing the issue was with the service I had reinstalled Windows and Ignition again​:sob::sob:.

So now everytime I try to open Ignition I frist go to services and start the service befoe opening localhost Gateway.

The only issue I’ve ever seen with Windows services not starting up properly during boot is on certain systems where the initialization of the JVM is taking longer than expected, causing the wrapper process to halt. The reason for why this happens isn’t exactly clear, but changing the startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start) resolved the issue.


Thanks James for the suggestion. Let me try on it.

Thanks James it did work with Automatic Delayed Start of the Service :+1: :+1: