Ignition 8.0.14 Bug - Perspective view custom property

I have custom property “SubMenuDataset” on a view. For some reason, I have added one element in the that property i.e. 3rd. After that I found the property binding remain at same position of the element. See screenshot.
I have added 3rd element in the property. And Property binding remain at element 5 > Submenutitle. Actually it should shift to element 6 as I have added one element in it. The other variables shifted correctly to element 6. i.e. “MenuIndex” = 3, SubMenuIndex = 3

Another, issue after added 3rd element, some variables are missing from elements like “Submenutitle” variable. Please see element 6 and 7 there is no “Submenutitle” variable. But if you see the property binding is showing in blue color right of the element 6 and 7.

Then I tried to manually insert new variable with same name “Submenutitle”. Some time it is showing error overlay on name as same variable is present in the element after 2-3 attempts I can able to add the “Submenutitle” variable and see the binding.

When I run the perspective that time found in my menu there are multiple tabs created with same name i.e. value, value1 etc.

Then I opened the custom property and found that there are multiple variables created under element, where I tried to create "“Submenutitle” variable.


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